Scapa Energy has come a long way since we first launched in 2014. We’ve expanded our team, our capabilities, service offering and our international reach.

Now, as we look to the future, the time is right to unveil a new look for the company.

In the last year alone we have added 4 new consultants to our team, as well as growing our service offering to include Process Safety Leadership assessment, Investigation Training and Coaching. We have also added more than 6 new clients, from small independent operators, to established multinationals.

So, we’re saying goodbye to the old Scapa Energy logo and have replaced it with a new emblem that reflects our fresh approach to independent assurance services.

We do things differently

Our experience and independence set us apart and are at the heart of how we help clients to understand risk, strengthen capability and learn from events – from board room to operational site.

We partner with senior leaders to implement a strategic systems-based approach that improves performance across the asset life cycle. We are committed to providing deeper, more actionable insights that create value for clients across the energy and high hazard industries.

Our approach

We follow a continuous learning cycle. By starting with understanding our clients’ objectives, Scapa Energy’s approach is designed to create clear insights that can quickly be put into meaningful action. It is this approach and our unique regulatory and industry experience that allows to cut through and deliver real change.

The Scapa Energy Independent Assurance Consultancy approach

We are strongly independent and pride ourselves on providing impartial, evidence-based advice. Crucially, we focus on providing senior leadership teams with feedback that will most efficiently address complex issues and facilitate real improvements, and we are uniquely placed to do so. Our highly experienced team have held senior roles both for operators and the UK regulators for health, safety and the environment.

Impactful and highly visual reporting and communications approaches help leaders to engage with key stakeholders and commit to action.

Our services have evolved into 3 distinct areas. Performing well in each of these aspects is essential for our clients to have confidence in their organisation to manage risk and continually learn.

Understanding risk

Management of major accident hazards, and other high hazards is a legal and societal obligation.

Gaining a deep understanding of the risk picture is an essential step to assess the effectiveness of the management system and risk controls currently in place.

We help clients achieve this understanding of current risk through a range of independent audit and assurance services.

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Strengthening capability

After developing an accurate and in-depth understanding of risk, it is vital that teams have the capability and leadership to successfully implement change and sustainable improvement strategies.

We help build capability with our clients through leadership coaching, strengthening management processes and supporting implementation of change.

Our innovative methods deliver sustainable results by providing organisations with the processes, tools, and capabilities to be able to continuously improve their approach to risk management and asset assurance.

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Learning from events

Sometimes unplanned events do happen – and the impact can be significant. Our expert support is designed to help organisations fully understand these events and ultimately improve wider capability to learn from and prevent unplanned events in the future.

Our team include expert investigators who have led the investigation of many serious events. We can provide investigation training and coaching to build internal capability. We also recognise that internal resources are often constrained, and can lead investigation on behalf of our clients.

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Want to learn more?

We value our relationships and are dedicated to providing real value to our clients.

Whether you’ve worked with Scapa Energy before or you’re finding us for the first time, explore our new website to learn more about us or get in touch at