Making a difference is all about thinking in fresh ways to generate new ideas for intervention.  Scapa Energy invite you to engage in these posts to stimulate fresh thinking about your challenges in the energy industry.

Scapa update

Scapa Energy has been busy…

2017 was a year of heads down and shoulder to the wheel to deliver a busy and exciting period This effort has resulted in a steady increase in the range of clients we have, the diversity of projects we are managing, and enhanced capability from our growing team of consultants. With a swing to a […]

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Reflective Learning

Organisational Learning – room for improvement?

In our oil and gas industry, we have many arrangements in place to assure, audit, learn lessons etc. and continuously improve our operations. Many of these arrangements are driven by regulation or to meet Company standards, as well as improve operational and HSE performance. Unplanned events do occur and we investigate to ensure ‘lessons are […]

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Swiss Cheese gone stale?

Has Reason’s Cheese gone stale?

Blog by Graham Walker, Director, Scapa Energy. Courtesy of James Reason, the Swiss Cheese Model has advanced thinking considerably in the explanation, and in the prevention, of major accidents in the energy industry. Reason forced us to think in more than one dimension and to consider ‘defences in depth’ to avoid undesirable events happening in our […]

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