Client: Various

Scope: Conduct independent investigations of high potential consequence incidents


Client Requirements:

Occasionally unplanned events do occur, and in some circumstances, these could create the potential for significant risks to personnel and the asset. Scapa Energy have carried out a number of independent incident investigations for clients.


Scapa Energy Deliverables:

Scapa Energy have a bespoke incident investigation methodology. The investigation process is managed by clearly defining the boundaries of the investigation scope, leading the interview and engagement process, and completing in-depth analysis to gain a deep understanding of systemic and behavioural issues contributing to the event.

The independent investigation process will ensure that all findings are evidence-based, unbiased and balanced. The analysis process provides a high degree of insight by focussing on cause and effect relationships, identifying causal feedback loops and systemic themes.

Our lead investigators have been trained by the UK Regulatory bodies.


Value provided to Client:

  • Unbiased independent findings and recommendations focussed on addressing systemic and behavioural factors, in turn, ensuring effective organisational learning.
  • A bespoke graphic representation of the event which provides a highly effective way of providing feedback in a concise format.
  • Resourced by a highly experienced team, completed quickly and efficiently, allowing the organisation to address priority actions.
  • Scapa have also provided a investigator to support an internal investigation team.
  • Investigation Training and Coaching programmes of client personnel have been provided to improve internal investigation capability. This training is provided by our in-house master investigators.
  • An approach which demonstrates to the regulator and key 3rd parties the investigation has been independent and delivered to a high standard.