Independent Assessment, Audit and Review


  • Design and Implementation of HSE Assurance Strategies and Programmes
  • Major Accident Hazard and Process Safety Audits
  • Major Project & Operational Readiness Reviews
  • Contractor Assurance
  • Development of Improvement Strategies and Change Management
  • Virtual Data Room and Site-based Due Diligence

Case Studies

Client: EnQuest

Scope:  Independent Audit and Assurance services, focussing on Major Accident Hazards. Contract awarded 2015 and is an ongoing service.


Client Requirements:

EnQuest required independent support to meet their internal and legal obligations to audit their major accident hazard operations in the UK North Sea and international operations.


Scapa Energy Deliverables:

Scapa Energy developed, implemented and resourced a new Audit and Assurance Framework. This framework is focussed on audit of key Major Accident Hazard controls and safeguards, such as Control of Work, Integrity Management, Maintenance Management, Operational Risk Management and Management of Change.

Onshore and site-based audits are carried out by Scapa Energy consultants. Evidence-based feedback is prioritised against industry good practice and shared with the EnQuest leadership team.

The audit programme also includes audit of overall Management System effectiveness, Outsourced Duty Holder (Reg 5) audits, Drilling Contractor and other higher risk Contractor Assurance.


Value provided to Client:

  • Independent and unbiased feedback on the effectiveness of Major Accident Hazard safeguards, in turn, clearly demonstrating compliance with the Safety Case Regulations, and other key UK Legislation.
  • Cost effective utilisation of independent service, with minimal demands on internal resource. Costs only incurred for audit preparation, execution and reporting which is dependent on the extent of auditing required by EnQuest.
  • Recommendations provided which are practical and targeted at reducing risk exposure, achieving regulatory compliance, and improving organisational learning.
  • Strong partner relationship developed built on open and honest engagement, high quality reporting and efficient delivery of service.