Leadership Engagement and Coaching


  • Workshop Design and Facilitation
  • Process Safety Training
  • Coaching and mentoring for Safety Leadership
  • Independent HSE Advice to Company Directors & Boards

Case Studies

Client: Spirit Energy

Scope: Process Safety Leadership Competence Assessment


Client Requirements:

Spirit Energy required an independent assessment of Process Safety Leadership Competence as a key component of a corporate Process Safety improvement initiative.


Scapa Energy Deliverables:

Scapa Energy, in co-operation with the Spirit Energy, developed an engagement programme targeted at assessing professional competence of Process Safety, encompassing leadership, culture, barrier management, operational controls and start-up readiness.

Interviews were held with operational managers, functional managers and the executive team utilising a Process Safety Competence Framework as the reference point. Recommendations were provided for individuals and the organisation as a whole to strengthen understanding and management of Process Safety.

Value provided to Client:


  • Independent feedback on the level of Process Safety understanding and competence for individuals and the organisation.
  • New insight provided on systemic factors affecting process safety performance.
  • Improved Process Safety Competence for individuals.
  • Identification of opportunities to incorporate into Process Safety improvement initiative.