Project and Operational Assurance


  • Project Risk Management and Scenario Planning
  • Operational Performance analysis
  • Operational Assurance services
  • Operational Readiness Reviews
  • Shutdown (Turnaround) Assurance
  • Transition Management Services
  • Development of Transition Strategy and Execution Plans

Case Studies

Client: EnQuest

Scope: Kraken FPSO First Oil Operational Readiness Review. Work completed from Q4 2016 to Q2 2017.


Client Requirements:

The Kraken FPSO was an EnQuest transformational project to increase production by 50 mmboepd. The FPSO conversion, commissioning and operation was outsourced to Bumi Armada. EnQuest required a high degree of independent assurance to ensure this project was safe, compliant and operationally ready prior to first oil.


Scapa Energy Deliverables:

Scapa Energy developed an independent review programme based on 3 key phases – Phase 1; Review of Bumi Armada capability for UK operations and FPSO pre-sailawayreadiness (KL and Singapore), Phase 2; Review of Bumi Armada UK based onshore team and interface arrangements with EnQuest, and Phase 3; Offshore based readiness review before introduction of hydrocarbons.

At the completion of each phase, recommendations were provided to the EnQuest executive team, ensuring key actions were in place to assure operational readiness.

Value provided to Client:


  • Independent assurance of operational readiness for a business critical project.
  • Early feedback on risks that could have affected compliance for UK operations.
  • Direct feedback to the executive team on actual state of readiness at critical points.