The last year has been an exciting period with heads down and shoulder to the wheel to meet client demand

This effort has resulted in a steady increase in the range of clients we have, the diversity of projects we are managing, and enhanced capability from our growing team of consultants. With a swing to a positive sentiment in the energy industry, we are looking forward to continuing this path whilst consolidating our core services with existing clients.

With our unique mix of experience and by taking a holistic systems approach, we strongly believe we can make a real difference to risk management and asset performance in upstream and high hazard industries.

In what ways do we achieve this?

  • Major Accident Hazard independent audit and assurance, focussing on front line operations.
  • Independent regulatory advice for operators including management of the Well and Installation Operator approval process.
  • Process Safety leadership, coaching and competency assessment.
  • Transition Management and Operational Readiness Reviews.
  • Independent Incident Investigation.

How do we deliver this?

  • Our team of consultants is a unique combination of senior operational managers and ex-regulators.
  • We have a hands-on approach to engagement, we know which stones to look under and who to talk to.
  • Our advice is always impartial and evidence-based.
  • We take a systems view, avoiding the trap of ‘wood and trees’ and understand the wider business context.

What assignments have we been working on? Here are some examples of ongoing or recently completed work;

  • Managing and delivering EnQuest’s Major Accident Hazard Audit and Assurance programme, operational Readiness Review process and provision of Transition Management support.
  • Provision of HSE Audit and Assurance Services for Chevron UK North Sea operations.
  • Led a successful Well Operator approval process for a newly formed Independent Operator in the UK.
  • Led Operational Readiness Reviews for new FPSO operations in the UK and Internationally, including the Kraken project.
  • Completed a number of Process Safety related investigations and provided advice to manage regulatory compliance challenges.
  • Delivered a programme of Process Safety Leadership and Competence Assessment for Spirit Energy, including operations in Norway, Netherlands and the East Irish Sea.
  • Completed Safety culture assessments for a variety of European high hazard sites, engaging with front-line and senior management personnel.
  • Leaning on our regulatory experience, provided Fatal accident Expert Witness services for a UK high hazard operation.
  • Designed and implemented an HSE Management system for an Independent UK E&P Company.
  • Completed an Asset Transfer Due Diligence exercise for HSE and Operational areas.

Scapa Energy is committed to efficient and effective delivery of our services with the goal of always increasing client value by working together to; reduce risk, enhance organisational learning and improvement, and achieve regulatory compliance. This is what motivates us as we look forward to an exciting new year.

If you are interested in discussing in more detail what we do, how we can help you, or if you are interested in working for us, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact,, or have a look at our website