• Strategy and Problem Solving

  • HSE Services

Strategy and Problem Solving

  • Workshop Design and Facilitation for HSE and Operational issues
  • Multiple stakeholder engagement, from workforce to executive level
  • Deep problem analysis using a systems approach
  • Development and¬†implementation of sustainable improvement strategies

HSE Services

  • HSE Management Services for Major Projects and Operations
  • Safety Case and COMAH Report Compliance Assessment
  • Regulator liaison and Independent Advice
  • Independent Incident Investigation, Audit and Review
  • Provision of Expert Witness services

Operations Management

  • Interim Operations and Asset Manager services
  • Operational Performance analysis
  • Operational Assurance services
  • Cost Efficiency Analysis

Transition Management

  • Provision of Transition Management Services
  • Development of Transition Strategy and Execution Plans
  • Virtual Data Room and Site-based Due Diligence
  • Management of Regulatory Permits, Consents, Licenses and Approvals

Independent Audit, Assessment and Review

  • Major Accident Hazard and Process Safety Audits
  • Design and¬†Implementation of HSE Assurance Strategies and Programmes
  • Independent Operational Readiness Reviews
  • Organisational Management of Change
  • Contractor Performance Assurance