Understand Risk

Gain a deep understanding of current risk and capability through a range of independent audit and assurance services.

Major Accident Hazard and Process Safety Audits

Independent audits to assess the effectiveness of key controls to prevent major accidents and process safety events. Key topics include Control of Work, Competence Management and Operational Risk Management

3rd Party and Contractor Audit and Assurance

Outsourced services can create risk. We have significant expertise to conduct contractor audit and assurance services, ranging from specialist 3rd party providers to major tier 1 contractors.

Safety Case Regulations ‘Reg 5’ Audits

Regulation 5 of the UK Safety Case Regulations places a duty of licensees to ensure appointed operators are capable and competent. We have an established ‘Reg 5’ audit process to help licensees meet this obligation for Installation and Well Operators.

Independent Readiness Review for Projects and Turnarounds

Issues with Turnarounds and Projects can have a significant business impact. We provide independent peer and readiness reviews to ensure threats are identified early in the planning process.

Due Diligence and Transition Assurance

Transfer of assets between owners and duty holders requires careful management to avoid unnecessary risks or delays. We can conduct due diligence audits before commitments are made and provide independent assurance throughout the transition process.

Decommissioning Assurance

Independent assessment of Decommissioning Management System effectiveness. Our assessment process covers Project Management arrangement, HSE and Regulatory Compliance readiness. Our assessment models are fully aligned with current regulatory guidelines issued by the North Sea Transition Authority.

Audit and Assurance Programme Design

Design of audit and assurance frameworks to meet current good practice, aligned with your organisations specific internal assurance requirements. We will provide feedback in highly communicable format using clear assessment criteria against good practice.

Integrity Assurance

Independent assessment of the Integrity Management effectiveness against industry good practice. Our assessments cover the complete integrity management cycle including management system design, RBI assessment process, inspection planning, anomaly assessment, late life asset integrity and overall performance management.